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     Eastern Enterprise Development Co.,Ltd.(EED)
is invested solely by Eastern Media International
Corporation (EMI), TAIWAN, in mainland China.

     With roots in the grain silo and marine transport
business, EMI has a solid foundation in the career
for 3 decades. In mainland China, EMI had operated
Shanghai Haixing Yuancang International Logistic
Co.,Ltd. by joint venture since 1995. Therefore,
EMI proposes abundant experience in international
container logistic business, and famous for its
excellent service in this industry.
     In accordance with the Chinese Government’s
Commitment to WTO, China’s international logistic
service market is further opened to the foreign
sole investment enterprise, hence EMI invested
to establish EED in Shanghai, near Waigaoqiao
Free Trade Zone, in 2006.
Tel:021-58643000 to each ext  Fax:021-58644885  Address:No.2222,Gang Cheng Rd.,Pudong New Area,Shanghai,China  Zip:200137
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